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Dave Malone. I have been involved in independent film and video projects since the late 1980s. My manuscript editing work started when I was a graduate assistant at Indiana State in 1994. My specialty areas are video editing and manuscript evaluations. I've had the honor of working with filmmaker Jason Doty and the band Ha Ha Tonka. I also love working with writers and am thrilled that nearly a dozen of Malone Consulting clients' projects have subsequently been published through traditional and self-publishing venues. One of my literary thrills occurred in college when I met reknowned poet Howard Nemerov but mistook him for a university gardener.

Darrelyn Saloom. I studied creative writing at the University of Louisiana (ULL) and have more than ten years of experience collaborating in nonfiction and memoir as a published author and an editor. At Malone Consulting, my areas of expertise are developmental, line, and copyediting. One of my literary highlights was once meeting Ray Bradbury, who kissed me on the cheek.

Wayne Blinne. A studio musician, I provide music for various Malone Consulting projects and have joyfully done so for more than a decade.  With degrees in psychology and statistics, I have ten years of experience doing academic research within the social and medical sciences. Recently, I’ve added the humanities to my research repertoire. A literary highlight for me was discovering, as a teenager, that I was a spitting image of J. D. Salinger at a similar age.


Jenni Wichern. I studied art and photography at the University of Central Missouri. Visual art has always been a passion for me, and videography is my specialty area at Malone Consulting. For over a decade, I have been engaged in photography and video work. My most recent book design project was Ottawa University: 150 Years of Significance. An artistic higlight for me is a frequent sojourn to Arkansas's Crystal Bridges Art Museum.

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