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Darrelyn Saloom and Dee Gogarty

Two years into my memoir, My Call to the Ring, Dave joined us on our journey. We couldn’t have imagined a better first-reader, editor, and corner-man. He read and reread each chapter, made suggestions, and hammered numerous dangling modifiers (among other things). Malone climbed through the ropes of a great story and landed a knockout punch. Our book was subsequently published by Glasnevin Publishing (Dublin) in 2012.


DEIRDRE (DEE) GOGARTY is the former 1997 WIBF boxing champion. You can find her on Facebook.


DARRELYN SALOOM has since joined the Malone Consulting team and blogs at and can also be found on Twitter.

Dave Malone goes in with an open mind and is willing to meet you on the high road to good craft and salable results, but he respects that path as the route to your book. He's not going to try to reshape, redirect, revise, or recast you in his own image. You encounter comments from Dave like, "This voice you're using is starting to grow on me, I'm withholding judgment here." That's what you want: an editor who likes discovering what you're doing as much as he wants to corral it into a coherent manuscript. I'm lucky Jane Friedman sent me to Dave, and I have no hesitation in sending you to him, myself. When you're ready for a serious, intelligent edit that's about you, not the editor, Dave Malone is your guy.


PORTER ANDERSON is a 30-year journalist formerly with CNN, The Village Voice and Dallas Times Herald. He's also a former producer of media events with the United Nations' World Food Programme in Rome. Twitter: @Porter_Anderson

Dave Malone stinks. He cuts thousands upon thousands of words—just gets rid of them! B’bye. Can’t even sneak a comma splice by him. Heaven forbid you try to spice things up with a few or forty ellipses here and there. “Em dash, this, Dave.” He has the soul of a poet and the machete of a bushwhacker. And he is just what I needed.


DEE DETARSIO is a television writer living in Southern California. Haole Wood is her fourth novel. She is working on a sequel filled with all the good stuff Dave cut out.

I chose Malone Consulting for web design based on their previous experience and professional manner. They were attentive to my needs and worked with me to find a design that fit my business and my personality. I feel like I can call or text at any time to address changes or revisions I need for my website. His team produced a finished product that not only is professional but attracts new clients for my business. I will continue to use Malone Consulting for all of my web-based marketing.


DR. DUSTON MORRIS is a USAT Triathlon coach, personal trainer, and a faculty member at University of Central Arkansas.

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At Ozarks Medical Center, we needed high-quality videos that would highlight the amazing work our physicians do. The team at Malone Consulting has surpassed our expectations of what was possible. Dave, Jenni, and Wayne have produced excellent videos that are incredibly well done, from the lighting aspects, to editing, to sound. But more importantly, they are professionals who understand our mission and have done a wonderful job bringing out the personality of the individual doctor, the spirit of our staff, and the care we believe in at our hospital.  


DR. JESSE RHOADS is a psychiatrist and the Recruitment and Retention Committe chair at Ozarks Medical Center, West Plains, MO.