Editing Services: Who I Serve


I delight in providing editing services for both seasoned authors and beginning writers. My specialty is developmental editing, and I love working with first-time authors. I provide coaching, manuscript evaluations, developmental editing, ebook design, and web design. My clients write in all genres, and many have published their memoirs and novels.


As a former contractor for the Sprint corporation and a small business owner, I enjoy helping businesses provide engaging content for websites, newsletters, and brochures. I provide content creation, editing, and website design to help businesses grow and realize their unique vision. My clients are from different industries, including ministry, youth rehabilitation services, health and wellness, and the arts.

Editing Services: What I Do

Author Services

Manuscript Evaluation
I provide a general review that often answers the key question, “Is my manuscript publishable?” I compose a document (typically as many as 5 single-spaced pages) that addresses big-picture concerns and questions related to your content, organization, and flow.


Developmental Edit (also called a critique or substantive edit)
I provide a developmental edit that addresses big-picture concerns. As appropriate for the genre, I help you with issues concerning character development, content, structure, narrative arc, rising action, organization, and flow. For this edit, I make review comments in the manuscript and compose a 10-20 page critique.

Business Services

Content Creation

I provide strategic, engaging content for websites, newsletters, and brochures. I can help your business craft content that highlights your mission and speaks to your goals. I enjoy helping corporations and nonprofits create a niche in the market and a prime spot among competitors.


Content Editing

I offer editing services, such as copyediting and proofreading, for web content, business proposals, brochures, and other business documents.

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About Me

I received a master’s degree in English from Indiana State in 1994. A member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, I have twenty-three years of editing experience that includes working with beginning and seasoned authors, coordinating university research projects, developing corporate teaching curricula, and designing websites for authors, actors, and businesses.

We couldn’t have imagined a better first-reader, editor, and corner-man. Dave read and reread each chapter, made suggestions, and hammered numerous dangling modifiers (among other things). He climbed through the ropes of a great story and landed a knockout punch. Our book was subsequently published by Glasnevin Publishing.

Deirdre Gogarty & Darrelyn Saloom author Darrelyn, former boxing champ Dee

Dave Malone stinks. He cuts thousands upon thousands of words—just gets rid of them! B’bye. Can’t even sneak a comma splice by him. Heaven forbid you try to spice things up with a few or forty ellipses here and there. “Em dash, this, Dave.” He has the soul of a poet and the machete of a warrior. And he is just what I needed.

Dee DeTarsio fiction writer

I chose to work with Dave for web design based on his experience and professional manner. He was attentive to my needs, worked with me to find a design that fit my business and my personality, and created content that attracted new clients for my personal training business.

Duston Morris nutritionist and personal trainer

Dave’s effectiveness as an editor lies in his grace when he enters your world. No knocking over the furniture, no trampling your best stuff just because he can. Dave goes in with an open mind and is willing to meet you on the high road to good craft and salable results, but he respects that path as the route to your book. When you’re ready for a serious intelligent edit, Dave Malone is your guy.

Porter Anderson journalist and speaker

After struggling with a work of historical fiction for a number of years, I am very grateful to have found Dave. He provided insightful and focused feedback, and he is always open and willing for Skype sessions and phone calls.

Joanne Kormylo former attorney and writer

Dave is a consummate editor. He has helped me with several novels and read every manuscript thoroughly and appreciatively. He provides actionable feedback that is constructive and supportive. Simply put, Dave helps writers write better.

Wili Liberman author, magazine writer, editor